Activities around Canton GA

If you're bored around the Canton, Holly Springs, and Woodstock areas of Cherokee County, you missed out on something. From sports to concerts to festivals, there's not a lack of things to do near your Canton GA chiropractor.

farmer's market

If we start in downtown Canton, there's the local summer farmer's market every Sunday morning. At the farmer's market, there is always a bunch of local farmers to share their fruits, vegetables, honeys, eggs, and other items. If you show up hungry, there are always several street vendors making foods of different types ready to be eaten. Music is a common theme with each week having a different type of music. Then the crafts vendors come fully prepared whether it be paintings, bird feeders, or local items made by local vendors.


A short drive from downtown Canton and Main Street is the newly opened Airborne facility. Located right now Etowah River Park, this facility houses a large area of trampoline spaces where kids and adults alike can jump up, down, and even sideways. They also have indoor soccer fields and plenty of access for birthday parties and special events. At very affordable rates, this serves the perfect place for a rainy afternoon and nothing to do with the kids.

Berry Patch Farms

Also local in the Canton area is the Berry Patch Farms where you can go and pick your own berries. Depending on the time of year, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries will be abundant. Fun for the whole family, the kids can learn about agriculture while harvesting berries for everyone to eat.

Northside Cherokee Amphitheater

In Woodstock, the Northside Cherokee Amphitheater is a new addition to the downtown area and provides a huge open area to host the summer concert series. Woodstock attracts thousands of people for each of 8 concerts throughout the summer with music varying from blues to rock to country and everything in between. Located behind the Amphitheater is the Aquatic center which contains several indoor pools and several outdoor pools. The indoor pools are open year-round and provide lessons and well as free-swim opportunities for kids.

Reformation Brewery

Also in Woodstock but soon to be moving to downtown Canton is the Reformation Brewery. This local brewery has captured a large name for itself in the brewing market and outgrew its facility in Woodstock and needed to move to a state-of-the-art facility in Canton. Reformation kept a tap room in downtown Woodstock and will be adding another taproom at the new facility in Canton once that opens. The new location for Reformation in Canton will be one business in an entirely new development area. The renovated mill in Canton will eventually house several businesses and restaurants and have public access to the river for all to enjoy. This project has been in the planning stages but just recently ground was broken.

Outlet Shoppes of Woodstock

For those who like to shop, the Outlet Shoppes of Woodstock are located right off of Hwy 575 at Exit 10. These Outlet Shoppes are an Atlanta destination and provide the closest shopping of outlet stores in the metro-Atlanta area.

Woodstock City Church

Just down the road from the Outlet Shoppes is Woodstock City Church, an affiliate of Andy Stanley's Buckhead Church. Thousands of people join together every Sunday to worship in this building which was built to house the ever-expanding population of people attending this non-denominational church. Revolution Church, located further north in Canton, has a similar newly-constructed worship center which holds well over a thousand people also.

Mad Life Studio

Rounding out the nightlife for things to do in Canton and Hickory Flat and Holly Springs and Woodstock are a number of local music venues including the Cigar Bar which has live music on weekends. Highlighting live music is the Mad Life Studio. Located in Woodstock, Mad Life Studios host a variety of cover bands every weekend and also has food and drinks within their facility. Both Canton and local neighborhoods like Harmony on the Lakes join in on the live music scene and have bands and musicians perform for their audiences throughout the warm Spring, Summer, and Fall months.